Call for Poets: Write a Haiku

“There is a crack in everything; that’s how light gets in.” Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems…

Pure LiT Poets are featuring one poetic form:  Haikus

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20 Replies to “Call for Poets: Write a Haiku”

  1. Let’s Talk: Name….

    The meaning of my first name reflects my personality. I’ve been told that my warm smile lights up a room. Cliche. But, I hear it whenever the gap in my teeth engages in a chuckle, laugh, or steady grin. People–strangers, friends, co-workers–tell me secrets. Light, I believe it’s my warm light that makes me a safe space to be vulnerable. Finally, the entire purpose of my company is to bring light to new, unheard, and emerging voices. I love for people to share their light. And, as a writer, I seek to light up truth.

    1. Hello!

      My name is Perlita. The initial reaction when I introduce myself: “Oh! Like little pearl in Spanish!” Growing up, this was normal and something I didn’t think much of. However, after graduating with a BA in Asian American Studies, this reaction now holds heavier meaning in my heart.

      My name is actually a combination of my parents’ names: Perry and Carmelita, a fun fact I like to dish out during socials/first meetings. When people mistake the real meaning of my name, I take it as it is because who wouldn’t make that mistake? However, the deeper issues in this reaction that I would like to bring to light is how much of an impact Spanish colonization had left on my Filipino-American roots.

      Simply, the Spanish influence is still prevalent in my Filipino-American culture. In the midst of struggle between my Filipino identity and my American Identity (in terms of being not enough in either category and the constant fight to assert that I am both), I also have to deal with the struggle of a mistaken identity, automatically labeled by the pretense of my name.

      Although it may seem like a negative, I hope to educate the intricacies of culture and influence from just this small moment evoked by my name. This is how I possess a great affinity for my name and the meaning behind it.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. My name Edmerald is a name created together with my fathers name Eduardo and my mothers name Esmeralda. Ed is wealth and fortune, ward is guardian and protector. While Esmeralda is derived from emerald, the green jewel. My name does reflect my personality.

  3. My name is Born Allah. My name reflects the fact I am a first born son of Allah the Almighty. This name manifests in the knowledge and wisdom I use to guide my life down a righteous path. I am Born anew each day and I live every day to the fullest. I was Born to live and love and this I do.

    I appreciate Pure Lit for providing me an opportunity to reflect on the power and majesty of my name.

  4. My name is Nabill, which means “noble” or “the highest morality.” There’s a certain calm and peacefulness about the meaning, which I believe I embody when I’m living my truest self. Implied therein is also a striving for an ultimate ideal and vision, which I believe I always am.

  5. My name is LaShon. It means tongue in Hebrew. It’s ironic because I do more thinking than talking. However, I do have an extreme taste for life, love, and travel!

  6. My whole first name means, God’s gift or “Thank God,” depending the context, in Yoruba. I always have reason to quote the always enlightening Kanye West, since “my presence is a present…” quite literally. 🙂

  7. My name is Sheryl. It’s a derivative of Cheryl, which means darling or charity. My parents chose to name me Cheryl with an “S” as both their names begin with an “S,” so they wanted their children’s names to begin with “S” as well. It’s a popular letter in our family. My name reflects my personality.

  8. My name is Serena and I was named after one of my great-grandmothers. My name means peace and tranquility. Also in some parts of the Latin culture it means mermaid. Mermaids are beautiful and tranquil and love the water, naturally. They are very mystical too. Yep, I’m everything my name means.

  9. My name is James (insert last name) III, which means I was named after both my father and grandfather. So does my name have any special meaning? Hmmm. Only insomuch as it directly connects me directly to the most influential man in my life and the man who served the same role for him. Beyond that, it’s a good generic name to put down and get me called in for an interview before they realize it’s a 6′ 4″ Brotha with locks walking through the door. Does it fit my personality? Probably, as I’m pretty chill and generic …. And then, BAM! A Black Power fist to your grill!!!!

  10. My name is Kenneth. It is an English name derived from Gaelic that means “handsome,” but really I was named after my uncle whom I didn’t know that well as he lived in Chicago. It’s hard to say whether handsome fits my personality, but I suppose I’m good looking…lol

  11. My name, Deborah, has Hebrew roots and means: bee. Newly discovered, this meaning reflects so much of my personality, including the more fundamental aspects and those into which I have only recently evolved.

  12. Summer 2016, The first ten talkers that posted received an invitation to enjoy a summer sangria and candy confessions at a cozy Mexican Restaurant in New York, NY.

    For the Summer 2017, the next ten talkers that post will receive an invitation for cupcakes, coffee and conversation in Santa Cruz, California. So, again: Let’s Talk: Name–The question remains the same: Does the meaning of your name reflect your personality?

  13. My name is Iris which means “rainbow” in Greek and also in Spanish, “arco iris”. I would say my name fit my personality a lot more when I was young and actually lived up to my name. Every school supply, drawing, picture, stickers, anything always had to be rainbow for me. Those were my go to colors and it was fun. Now that I’m older I don’t think my name fits my personality anymore because I don’t feel as vibrant and colorful but I still try to see a positive side to everything.

  14. My name is Takoda, takoda is a Native American name that means Friend to everyone. Does it fit my personality ? Yes. I am open to know any and everyone for who they are. I am indeed a friend to everyone

  15. Joel meaning in Hebrew means God and it also comes from the Bible but does necessarily reflect my personality. Fun fact, I was born on Christmas Eve, and some friend call me little Christ for fun lol

  16. Hope
    What does Hope mean to you?
    I’m always hearing my name, like I hope, hopeful, hopeless, she hoped, and etc. Sometimes I’m like what? Were you talking to me?
    Recently I found out that Superman’s S, the one on his chest, is a symbol of Hope. I was oddly happy to find that out given that I kind of geek out for superhero movies.
    My first name is Hope. My full given birth name my parents gave me is: Hope Marilyn Cabrera. Does the meaning of my first name reflect my personality? Let me think…
    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the online version, the definition of Hope is: 1) “to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true,” for instance, hoping that cute dress is still on sale at the mall or I hope that dog doesn’t bark at me when I walk by. 2) “to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment,” for instance, I hope you do get your pay raise, I hope your grandma’s party is a big success. (
    The word and meaning of Hope is also used a lot in the biblical sense: “1 Peter 1:13 Therefore, gird your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ”(
    Some Backstory when I asked my mom why she chose to name me Hope. I asked my mom a long time ago why she chose to name me Hope and she said, “She hoped that I was the last child.” I’m still not sure if she was joking with me and she wanted to be funny because I was not the last child. I have a sister who is six years younger than me, Jade. Any ways, I like to think she could have named me Hope because my dad believes in the Catholic faith and Hope is used often towards religious terms. But my dad is spanish speaking and is from Mexico. The word Hope in spanish translates into, esperar. Usually I come across the name Esperanza, which in spanish is used as the name Hope for many Hispanic women, even mercados are named with Esperanza. Sometimes if a person whose first language is espanol, says hey whats your name, I say Hope, they go what? I let them know my name translates to Esperanza, then they are like oh, Yea!( I’m always asked too by people when first meeting them if, Hope, is my real name or a nick name. I say, “Yes. Hope is my real name.”
    Hope is just a name like everybody elses. I’m not too uptight if a person calls me somebody else’s name, which happens from time to time or they mispronounce my name. All I do is correct them. It’s no big deal because my own dad, with his heavy accent, can barely say my name right even after all these years.
    Does the meaning of my first name, Hope, reflect my personality? My head says I would like to think my answer is, no. Why? Because I am not filled with Hope all the time. Or I’m not a super religious person. But, my heart says, yes. Hope might reflect my personality because I would like to see the good in certain scenarios or people and myself. That’s it though, I feel indecisive sometimes, but decisive when I need to be. I really don’t know.
    I do have a personal attachment to my name and I like the fact that Hope is not a popular name like Mary, or Ashley. My friends growing up always knew I was the one they called Hope. I’ve always liked that aspect of my name. Then my name would try to get rhymed with. “Hope Soap” was popular.
    Just right now after writing this post I feel like Hope is this beautiful name that has been bestowed upon me by my parents and I sometimes feel I am not that beautiful at times. I guess that’s it. Hope can be seen in a negative connotation and a positive one: Hopeful and Hopeless.
    Does the meaning of my first name reflect my personality? Hope is Hope. Sometimes.
    The end.
    Thank you, Sincerely,

  17. My name is Tia, and the most definite meaning is “aunt” in Spanish and Portuguese. It’s also related to the Greek θεά (Thea) meaning “goddess, divine-like”. Furthermore there was an Egyptian princess named Tia/Tiya, because of whom people have ascribed to it the additional meaning of “princess”. I don’t feel a connection to any of these meanings… though I am indeed an aunt, so I guess that one is fitting in a very boring way!

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